Applications for long-term care submitted from abroad

Are you moving (or moving back) to the Netherlands and do you need long-term care? Then you can already apply for this care before you become an official resident of the Netherlands.

Submitting an application

Fill in the form entitled Aanvraag langdurige zorg (Application for long-term care). Your healthcare provider or physician can also apply for this care on your behalf. In this case, please send a signed authorization form along with the application. The CIZ will verify your identity.
You can send the application by post, also if you are submitting it from the Netherlands but are not yet an official resident. Please send the application to:

Team indicatiestelling buitenland
Postbus 2690
3500 GR Utrecht
The Netherlands

Alternatively, you can send the application via email to
When sending sensitive medical information, please ensure that this is done securely. On our contact page you can read how to do this.

Make sure your application is complete

The CIZ needs current information about your medical situation. You can do the Wlz check to see what you need to send along with the application. Is your healthcare provider submitting the application on your behalf? Then they can check the overview to find out which information is required for the application.

Send your information in Dutch

The CIZ can only assess information written in Dutch. If the information is in a different language, then please make sure your application includes both a Dutch translation and the original statement in the other language. The Dutch translation does not have to be an official translation.

Arrange for care in the Netherlands within 6 months’ time

Have we approved the application which you submitted from abroad? Then you will receive a temporary indication from us. This indication will be valid for 6 months. With this indication you can request care from your preferred healthcare provider. Please do this before your indication expires.
You can renew your temporary indication once for another 6 months. For this you will need to submit a new application. Have you still not found a place with a healthcare provider after this second 6-month period? Then you will need to move to the Netherlands before you can submit another application.

Submit a new application when you are a resident

As soon as you have become an official resident of the Netherlands with Dutch health insurance, you should submit a new application for care under the Wlz. This also applies if your temporary indication has not yet expired. After receiving your application, the CIZ will assess whether the care you have applied for is still appropriate. If so, you will receive an indefinite indication from us. In addition, the costs of your care will be paid for by your care administration office from then on.

More information

Do you have any questions about applications for long-term care submitted from abroad? Then please send an email to
More information on moving (or moving back) to the Netherlands and on the waiting times of care institutions can be found on the website of the Dutch National Health Care Institute.
More information on care provided under the Wlz, health insurance and international treaties can be found on the CAK website.

Frequently asked questions

In certain situations you may be able to receive care under the Wlz abroad, or the costs of Wlz care abroad may be reimbursed. You will find more information on this on the website of the Dutch National Health Care Institute.

If you are planning to move (or move back) to the Netherlands, you can usually already submit an application from abroad. It depends on the country where you live and where you are insured, however. The Netherlands has reached agreement with a number of countries on medical care (among other things). We call these ‘treaty countries’. Do you live in a treaty country? Then you can already submit an application from that country, unless you work (or used to work) for an international organization established in the Netherlands. Do you not live in a treaty country but you do have Dutch health insurance? Then you can already submit an application as well. Do you not live in a treaty country and you do not have Dutch health insurance either? Then you cannot submit an application from abroad. "

Holders of a temporary or conditional residence permit (in Dutch: statushouders) can submit a Wlz application to the CIZ. Asylum seekers can receive Wlz care via the Regulation on Medical Care for Asylum Seekers (in Dutch: Regeling Medische zorg Asielzoekers or RMA). They cannot submit an application to the CIZ. Click here for more information on the RMA.

No, this is not possible for people who are staying in the Netherlands illegally. However, their healthcare provider can contact the CAK to try and obtain a contribution towards their healthcare costs.

No, this is not possible. Long-term care for Ukrainian refugees is generally offered by municipal authorities, under the Health Insurance Act (in Dutch: Zorgverzekeringswet or Zvw) or the Social Support Act (in Dutch: Wet maatschappelijke ondersteuning or Wmo). If a refugee needs long-term care that cannot be offered by a municipal authority, and needs to be admitted to a care institution, then the associated costs will be paid for under the Regulation on Medical Care for Ukranians (in Dutch: Regeling voor Medische Zorg aan Oekraïers (RMO)). An indication for Wlz residential care by the Bender organization can be made via the RMO. The GP or care provider involved can request the indication from Bender. The RMO website contains a form that a healthcare provider can complete to submit the request to Bender. There is no personal contribution and no deductible.

Click here to read more about healthcare for Ukrainian refugees.

Waiting times may apply for Wlz care in the Netherlands. The maximum waiting time is 12 months. Your health insurance company will determine whether you will have to wait and, if so, for how long. During the waiting time, you will need to pay for residential care in a Wlz institution yourself. More information on this can be found on the website of the Dutch National Health Care Institute.

The Netherlands has reached agreement on medical care with the countries listed below.

Countries in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA)
Czech Republic
United Kingdom

Other treaty countries
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Cabo Verde
North Macedonia